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Many people become introspective around the end of the year in the hopes that an honest, self-assessment can provide them insight into what holds them back from achieving their goals. Most of us realize that we have yet to achieve our fullest potential in any aspect our lives: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Artistic or Financial. If you ponder the question on why you have not achieved your goals, it generally results from the vague understanding that “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.” You may have a strong sense that a better life awaits you, if you are more frugal, if you exercise more, or eat less. You may feel that you need to work harder and smarter to achieve your professional and financial goals. You may sense there is some secret to success you are missing. The very worst thing you can do is give-up! Many of you have come to the conclusion that making New Year’s Resolutions is a worthless exercise because they don’t last. In truth, it is not the Resolution that does not last, it is the strength of your motivation to keep the Resolution that does not last. You need Resolutions. They don’t have to be set on January 1st to be effective. February 14th, March 17th, April 1st, July 4th or any other day of the year can be just as effective at setting a Resolution that could result in a better future for you and all those you love and care about. What might be lacking in your ability to achieve your Resolutions may be a lack of a system to stay on the path of success. One possible system to stay on the path may be the same system used by the United States Air Force Fighter Pilots Community. One of the many things I learned as an U.S.A.F Fighter Pilot was a system that was designed to make us the best. No offense to the Navy or Marine Fighter Pilots, we can debate who is “the best” over a brew at the local Officers Club. In all fairness, to all fighter pilots, we all use the same system and this system can work just as effectively for you! The Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief system is provided below with examples of how it applies to achieving your resolutions or how you can help your clients achieve their resolutions. Remember, you can achieve all your goals if you are willing to help enough other people achieve all their goals. The Fighter Pilot System is a four step process:           (1) Plan – Every detail of every mission is planned in great detail with times, assignments, responsibility and accountability for every aspect of every mission. We all learned that “proper planning prevents (inappropriate adverb removal) poor performance.” You fail at your Resolutions because you fail to plan properly. You may want to work harder and smarter, but do you? Working harder also means longer. What are you willing to sacrifice if your goal is to read one hour/day on a subject specifically designed to make you an expert at your craft? Are you going to give-up an hour of T.V.? Or any other recreational activity you enjoy? Working SMARTER means asking yourself continuously throughout the day: “Is what I am doing right now moving me toward my goals?” Are you working “Smarter?” When you do devote one hour/day toward becoming a World-Class Master Personal Fitness Trainer, are you reading the right things? I have decades of experience in the fitness industry and I have seen many exercise, fitness and nutrition fads come and go. They can be extremely popular for a short while before they fail and fall into oblivion. The foundation of exercise science and physiology has proven and continues to research the efficacy of Strength Training, Cardiovascular endurance and the other ten components of the 12 IFPA Components of Fitness. Working smart requires you to match the correct component with the primary needs of each individual client to match their specific needs. You need to know unequivocally that your Exercise Prescriptions and Program Designs are a perfect match for the specific requirements, critically needed to achieve your clients’ goals. Do you really know if TRX, P90X, Insanity, CrossFit, Kettle Bells, Functional Training or CORE Training are the appropriate Exercise Prescriptions for an Obese Client whose goals are to lose fat and build muscle? Have you kept-up with research from the medical community that proves increasing muscle mass is the ONLY known way to reverse Type II Diabetes? Or do you pick the current “sexy” fad because everyone else is doing it? Don’t misinterpret what I am telling you! Many athletes can benefit greatly from the systems listed above if they have taken the time to build an athletic body, but don’t make the huge mistake of trying to get beginners to perform advanced programs that can only result in exercise burn-out at best, and injury at worst.            (2) Briefing – Everyone involved in your programs should be briefed. If your client is asking you why you have them doing Interval Training to improve their cardiovascular training when they read about the “Fat Loss Zone,” where they learned that they should maintain 60-70% of target HRMax for 45-60 minutes, can you explain why you chose interval training? Once again, don’t misinterpret what I am saying. In your planning phase, you may have determined a vital reason for your choice, just be prepared to explain it.           (3) Execute – In the Fighter Pilot Community there are no points for 2nd place. To a Fighter Pilot, 2nd place means your jet just turned into a fireball slamming into the ground. If you want to achieve your greatest possible success, you have to do better than you now believe is humanly possible on every session and every client you take through a workout. Never settle for mediocrity. Strive constantly for perfect execution. Make it your goal to be excellent with every session. “Mediocrity is as common as sand, Excellence is as rare as Gold.” Go for the Gold!           (4) Debrief – Ask your client, every client, every time, following every session, how the session went, how they feel, and how they liked it. Get feedback, lots of feedback and take careful notes. Find out if you talked too much, too little, too loud, too soft, too fast, or too slow. Find out if they are comfortable with your teaching, spotting, and motivating. Ask them candidly if your breath and body odor are OK. I know this may be an uncomfortable subject, but if you are taking supplements, you may have bad breathe, you may have to drink more water or brush your teeth more often. If your intake of protein is too high, your body may smell of ammonia. Make adjustments when necessary. The adjustments you need to make lead you back to the First Step: (1) Planning: Where you will again plan to correct the mistakes you made in the last session. This process continues, always aiming for Perfect Execution. Will you ever achieve perfection? You may be very surprised how close you get with consistent effort! This 4 Step Process can change your life, improve your life and help make all your dreams come true. One definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again; expecting a different result.” Time to see what you can really achieve through devoted effort to a proven system.

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