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WARNING!!! The July issue of Consumer Reports is reporting unsafe levels of toxic heavy metals in several of the most popular protein supplements! They found unsafe levels of one or more toxic metals in the protein supplements below: -“EAS” Myoplex Original Rich Dark Shake (liquid) -“Muscle Milk” Chocolate -“Muscle Milk” Vanilla Crème The safest protein supplement of the group analyzed was “Solgar” Whey to Go protein powder natural vanilla bean. Check for a complete list of the protein supplements analyzed by Consumer Reports. The maximum limit for the heavy metals found in the supplements as proposed by the U.S. Pharmacopeia are:

Arsenic(inorganic) 15 micrograms (mcg)/day
Cadmium 5 micrograms (mcg)/day
Mercury 15 micrograms (mcg)/day
Lead 10 micrograms (mcg)/day
The test results for the supplements reported above are based on 3 servings/day.

According to Consumer Reports EAS had 16.9 mcg of Arsenic & 5.1 mcg of Cadmium in 3 servings; Muscle Milk (chocolate) had 5.6 mcg of Cadmium and 13.5 mcg of lead; Muscle Milk (vanilla crème) had 12.2 mcg of lead. Now I know far too many of you will be cavalier about this and think “No Big Deal!” BUT YOU ARE WRONG! These heavy metals are cumulative and can have serious consequences to your health. . .INCLUDING CANCER! Where is your logic in putting so much time, effort, energy and resources into developing your optimum health, performance and physique only to have it all sabotaged by inadequate manufacturing practices! I have heard of many competitive athletes getting “Flu like symptoms” only to discover heavy metals and toxic levels of cleaning agents in their systems stemming from the use of the poor manufacturing practices of far too many manufacturers! NOTE TO IFPA Certified Personal Trainers: IFPA Certified Youth Fitness Specialists and Sports Conditioning Specialists be very wary of the use of these supplements with your young athletes! Supplement use is very popular with young athletes between the ages of 12-18 and their young bodies are more susceptible to damage from toxic metals, particularly with the “over use” of supplements seen in this young age group! Many of your young athletes believe “If one scoop is good, then 4 or 5 would be better!” These toxic elements can cause damage to any age group. For the IFPA Certified Senior Fitness Trainers, the older population may also be susceptible to extreme damage due to already toxic build up in their system, slow metabolism and degenerated immune system. Those who eat a lot of fish, specifically large fish like tuna, sword fish and shark may be more susceptible due to toxic build up that occurs in large species of fish. Until we can all be assured that manufacturers can prepare safe supplements, stick with companies that pass analysis through independent oversight like Consumer Reports or stick with “Real Food” like eggs, lean meats, chicken, turkey and fish (smaller, cold water fish). Best regards, Dr. Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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