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“Do NOT increase salt intake despite a recent study!” say Dr. Mark Houston. Dr Mark is an associate clinical professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the Director of the Hypertension Institute in Nashville, TN, and a friend of mine. Dr. Mark and I have lectured together at many medical conferences and he can always be counted on to deliver not only the latest research available, but a common sense approach to healing and a commitment to healing through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. The study in question found that low-salt diets increase the likelihood of death from heart attacks and strokes and do not prevent high blood pressure. This is far from conclusive however because study participants were younger and thinner than the typical American. We have decades of solid research that show increased salt intake raises blood pressure in most people and is linked to renal disease, stroke and vascular disease. It is possible that low salt intake could create an electrolyte imbalance. There are theories that one of the reasons for heart attacks and cardiac events during and following Marathons and other long duration aerobic events may be electrolyte imbalances. It is possible that very low salt intakes can have negative health consequences. Marijuana and Mental Illness  A large meta-analysis of over 80 studies and more than 20,000 people showed that Marijuana users developed mental illness three years earlier than non-marijuana users. Flaxseed oil can help “Dry Eye” Start with 1,000 mg three times/day for two weeks. Gradually increase the dosage to 3,000mg three times/day. A recent study showed patients who took 9,000mg/day for 3 months had less dryness, irritation and eye fatigue. Drinking Orange Juice Improves Cholesterol A recent study showed that people who drank 3 cups of orange juice from concentrate significantly improved their HDL (good) cholesterol and lowered their LDL (Bad). The study was only conducted on orange juice from concentrate. Does it work on “Fresh Squeezed?” I Hope So! I live in Florida, that’s all I drink! Some Good News for Coffee Drinkers! Coffee contain hundreds of antioxidants including some of the Polyphenols (powerful antioxidants that prevent inflammation and cellular damage) found in fruits, veggies, red wine and green tea. Some of the following health benefits were found only in regular coffee, indicating that caffeine may play a powerful role in the following health benefits. -Those who drank 6-7 cups/day were 35% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. -Those who drank 4-6 cups/day were 28% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. -Coffee drinkers show better short-term memory -Coffee drinkers are at least 30% less likely to get Parkinson’s Disease. -Coffee drinkers (3-5 cups/day) are at least 65% are less likely to get Alzheimer’s. -Female coffee drinkers (4 or more cups/day) are at least 20% less likely to have a stroke. -Female coffee drinkers (4 or more cups/day) are at least 18% less likely to get Skin Cancer. -Female coffee drinkers (4 or more cups/day) are at least 30% less likely to get Endometrial Cancer. WARNING : Boiled coffee, coffee made with a French press or coffee that drips through a metal filter, has high levels of oils that can significantly raise levels of LDL. It is recommended you use a “Drip Machine” that uses a paper filter which traps the oils. Lower Your Cholesterol to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease A Recent study shows 86% of people with high cholesterol had brain plaque. Only 62% of people with low cholesterol had brain plaque. Even 15 Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Lengthen Life A long term study on over 400,000 adults for 8 years show that those who reported exercising (taking a brisk walk) for ONLY 15 minutes/day lived 3 years longer than those that did not. Best regards, Dr. Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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