The Benefits of Tai Chi


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Tai Chi is a centuries old tradition performed for fitness. When it was developed the word fitness was not even spoken, but the wise men knew the health benefits that Tai Chi would promote for the body. The Masters of this art knew exercise was paramount to the total man concept. Promoting good health, memory, concentration, coordination, balance, mental health, and overall improvement in the quality of life. For several decades, numerous research studies have been done to show the positive side effects of Tai Chi on Chronic disease, disorders and dysfunctions. Scientific data has shown the improvement in: Musculoskeletal conditions and concluded that Tai Chi training may enhance muscular strength and endurance of knee extensors in elderly individuals anywhere from 10% to 19% in men and 10% to 15% in women. Hamstring flexibility was increased and increased walking speed which we now know is a determining factor in our longevity. Tai Chi studies on Hypertension showed a reduction in the mean Blood pressure with the regular practice of Tai Chi. Both Systolic and Diastolic were positively affected. Cardiovascular disease Research showed that Tai Chi practitioners of one year practicing 4 times per week showed significant enhanced cardio respiratory function, increase of VO2 and work rate compared with individuals who worked out independently. Studies indicate Tai Chi may slow the decline of cardio respiratory. Endocrine System/Immune System Studies in China showed an increase in the pituitary function in older men after continued practice of Tai Chi, though this study was not 100% conclusive, with numerous reports, studies, and findings on the improvements of health with Tai Chi, it is something that everyone should give serious consideration. Tai Chi provides multiple benefits as while as fun obtained due to the challenge of learning this ancient art form. Best regards, Dr. Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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