The Book on Group Fitness


Aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, water aerobics, indoor cycling, tai-chi, and other group exercise classes have been popular for years. Group fitness instruction goes well beyond jumping in front of a group of students and leading them through an exercise routine. The best group fitness instructors have a strong background in specialized exercise training and in motivating their students.


Group fitness instructors are also experts in program design and in watching out for the individual participant while leading a group session. But where do you turn for those skills? … The Book on Group Fitness. The International Fitness Professionals Association, IFPA, has chosen The Book on Group Fitness as its primary textbook for its Group Fitness Instructor Certification. Once you’ve completed the IFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification you’ll be able to go on to become one of the best exercise leaders in the industry.

Subject areas include:

  • Protect yourself and your clients
  • Learn to lead any exercise format
  • Learn to create your own exercise formats
  • Create fun, exciting and effective programs
  • Earn more money per exercises class
  • Create a following for your exercise classes

Package Contents

  1. The Book on Group Fitness


  1. James Bell, Ph.D.

 Contributing Authors:

  1. Karl Dauphinais, M.D.
  2. Mary Smith, M.A
  3. Tina Schmidt, M.S.
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