The Book on Sports Nutrition


The Book on Sports Nutrition begins by explaining the most important nutrition fundamentals. It introduces three key metabolism concepts and the six basic types of nutrients. It then illustrates how the body uses these nutrients, when the best time is for their consumption and why they are essential for energy, recovery, and overall good health.


All fitness-training programs ranging from general weight loss to highly competitive and rigorous athletics must be supplemented with a well-designed nutrition program. When you understand the basics behind nutrition, you are able to take the first steps to maximizing your training results and goal achievement success. The Book on Sports Nutrition builds off of this practical knowledge and applies it to a wide variety of fitness training goals. You learn exactly how to adjust your dietary intake to meet the nutritional needs of a beginner or fuel the advanced athlete to reach peak performance!

Subject areas include:

  • Set dietary guidelines based on individual activities and goals
  • Create and attain realistic fitness goals
  • Effectively read food and supplement labels
  • Realize pitfalls of fad diets
  • Balance the body’s fuel sources
  • Choose the right dietary supplements

Package Contents

  1. The Book on Group Fitness


  1. James Bell, Ph.D.

 Contributing Authors:

  1. Karl Dauphinais, M.D.
  2. Renee Kapsner, RD, M.S.
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