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In stressful times we need to take the time to revamp ourselves to stay healthy and fit. We found a few things that can give you pause to think about as a reminder. If you already know these things, great! Keep it up! If you have never heard of some these, try them.

Example List:

To jog memory about Food Facts:

1.  Choose your foods by color
2.  Therapeutic tomatoes
3.  Go fish
4.  Broccoli for Prez Bush and the rest of us
5.  ‘Mares eat oats’ and so should we
6.  Yummie yogurt
7.  Hail the exotic guava!
8.  Calming power of chili pepper
9.  Whey to go!
10. Pizza fights cancer
11. Beware the poisonous fat
12. Eat smarter, feel better, and look better
13. Chocolate fantasia

Don’t Get Bugged Out

14. Germs lurk in the most unsuspecting places
15. Launder your gym towel daily
16. Dip with caution
17. Cut down on carbs and sweets
18. Distance yourself

Lifestyle Basics

19. Stay slim
20. Avoid trauma
21. Stub out the cigs
22. Multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplementation
23. Antioxidants
24. An aspirin a day keeps death away, consult your physician
25. Say No to Alzheimers with NSAIDs, consult your physician
26. Water quality
27. The brain is a muscle
28. Moderate, responsible drinking
29. Wear sunscreen
30. Cut Your Cellphone Use
31. Laugh through life
32. Live life at a leisurely pace
33. Maintain social connections
34. Banish stress
35. Get a good night of sleep every night
36. Be selfish

Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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