Turning Back the Clock: Anti Aging!


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It has been reported that there are various ways to turn back the clock. A few simple everyday lifestyle changes can not only add years but also add quality to those years. Exercising with a Friend – We know endorphins are released during exercise but did you know exercising with a friend releases stress hormones? This simple thing can add up to 20 additional years to your lifespan and can rejuvenate the heart, lungs, liver, and immune system. Snack on Grapes – Grapes contain flavonoids that retard the aging of the arteries. Your immune system will also thank you. These little jewels lower your risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, risk of cancer, and brain illnesses. Additional 5 1/2 years added! Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut! – Studies have shown eating a small handful of nuts daily can cut the risk of heart disease by as much as 24%. The healthy fats in nuts lower cholesterol levels and prevent plaque build up. So go ahead – feel like a nut and eat some nuts! Additional 3 years added. Let’s Eat Pizza! – Eating tomato-based sauces reduces your risk of contracting most cancers including breast by as much as 50%. Credit goes to that great little nutrient Lycopene – it shields cells from damage. Cooked tomato products have seven times more Lycopene than fresh tomatoes. So next time you order your favorite pizza add extra sauce! Additional 8 years added. How High is Your Blood Pressure? – Keeping your blood pressure below 140/90 can add years to your life. Hypertension ages your arteries and is responsible for strokes and heart attacks. Eat potassium rich foods, which can trim up to 5 points off your blood pressure, Take off another 3 points by using only 1 teaspoon of salt daily, try it for 30 days and you will see results. Additional 16 years added. Didn’t Your Mother Ever Tell You to Brush After Every Meal and Floss Daily? – Brushing and flossing prevents bacteria build up that cause periodontal disease, it can also prevent the bacteria from entering your bloodstream and causing heart problems, sometimes even doubling your risk. Additional 4 years added. How many of these things are you doing daily? How many years do you want to add? Sincerely, Dr. Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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