Yoga for Athletes


The Yoga for Athletes provides a plethora of poses for athletes to utilize before and after their training. From sunrise to sunset, there is a pose, exercise, or meditation that will aid you in improving yourself.

Continuing Education Units: 6 Credits

The Yoga for Athletes CEU Course provides poses and stretches to accommodate athletes of a variety of specialties.  From start to finish the yoga exercises provided will keep limbs limber and help you not only physically and mentally prepare for any exercises throughout the day, but aid in relaxing the body afterwards.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to perform yoga properly.
  • Learn how to perform yoga in all areas of the body.
  • Learn proper breathing techniques for yoga
  • Learn how to customize yoga for all sports

Course Outcomes

  • Know the pros and cons of yoga
  • Know yoga anatomy
  • Know the best time to perform yoga
  • Know how to administer yoga stretching into any program

Course Goals

  • Understand the versatility of yoga
  • Understand yoga stretches for different sports
  • Understand the different variations of yoga poses for different levels
  • Understand how to use yoga for injury prevention

Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. Study Guide
  3. 50 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified
Weight 2.00 lbs
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