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Steal Our Secret Weapon For Achieving Massive Personal Training Success In The Post-Pandemic World

“Once you master this, getting clients will never again be a problem for you.”

- Alex Potrc

Dear personal trainer,

I am glad you landed on this page.

This tells me that 2020 didn’t suck the life out of you and you are still determined to make it in this personal training business.

In this letter, I will tell you the truth about how to be successful moving forward.

But before I get to that, let’s take a big picture view of the current personal training landscape…

We cannot just gloss over the fact that the pandemic basically wiped out roughly half of the fitness industry across the globe.

Gyms shut down.

Lockdowns happened.

And to be honest, the governments weren’t much help – financially or otherwise.

But since you are reading this, you are still standing.

I salute you.

2021 will be much better.

As things start getting back to normal, people will be eager to return to training. 

After all – the lockdowns had a major impact on physical health; as we both know, working out at home requires a substantial dose of motivation most people don’t have.

This means people will look for help as they try to get their fitness back on track.

The question is – will they come to you?

Well, the answer depends on which group of personal trainers you belong to.

The way I see it there will be two types of personal trainers in the market...

The ones that will dominate in the post-pandemic world…

And the ones that will get run over by the first group.

I’m going to show you how to end up on the winning side.

But wait - who am I to make these sorts of claims?

Hey! My name is Alex Potrc, the owner of the first (and only) private gym in my country and the Director of Education & COO of IFPA Global. 

I know – a lot of titles, but those aren’t the point.

The point is I’ve been in this business for over 19 years – first as a personal trainer, then as a gym owner, and now also as an educator for other PTs.

In these 19 years, I’ve seen it all when it comes to our industry.

And because I’ve encountered a bunch of shady characters along the way, I decided to be the complete opposite.

Instead of preying on your wallet and trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash, I devoted myself to another mission…

Doing everything in my power to actually help personal trainers achieve the career they desire and enjoy their life in the process.

That’s the reason I’m so proud of our work at IFPA, where we already helped 355,128 personal trainers around the world.

However – in this moment, the only one that counts is you.

Previously I mentioned the two groups, personal trainers will belong to in this post-pandemic world.

Now it’s time for me to show you how to get on the winning side.

It all starts with honestly answering the following question:


You might think you need more education in training and nutrition.

That’s what the majority of personal trainers think.

But at IFPA, we aren’t like the rest; we give you nothing but the truth.

So here it is…

The biggest challenge you face as a personal trainer today is getting noticed in the sea of other fit pros.

Let me illustrate this point…

According to statistics, there are 340,000 personal trainers in the US today.

340,000 people that are certified to do what you do – help people get fit & healthy.

On top of that, there are thousands of fitness influencers that think they know how to get people in shape just because they have an excellent physique (and a hidden stack of steroids).

The worst part is those influencers aren’t confined to the American borders – they are global. They can seduce your potential clients from the other side of the world.

You compete for the attention of your potential clients with more than 1 million fit pros and trainers!

So – what’s your plan to stand out?



If you are struggling for a good answer, it’s NOT your fault!

You’ve been sold a lie peddled by the “gurus” that preach training & nutrition knowledge is everything it takes to make it in this line of work.

Meanwhile, the truth is vastly different…

If you want to succeed in the PT business, being a great trainer is NOT ENOUGH...

Don’t get me wrong…

Being a master of training, nutrition and recovery techniques is extremely important – especially if you want to satisfy your clients and have them come back to you month after month.

But there’s a second piece to the success puzzle that many trainers miss…

To make your clients happy, you first need to sign them.

And there’s only ONE way to make this process easy & predictable…

You need to master marketing & sales.

That’s the upper hand you need to beat 1 million fit pros that want to take your clients away from you.

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard or as complicated as you think.

Well – that depends on your next choice…

When it comes
to mastering marketing & sales, you have two options…

When it comes to mastering marketing & sales, you have two options…

Option #1: Try to figure it out yourself.

This will involve hours upon hours of studying books, videos and courses, and these materials cost money. 

Like… a lot of money.

But in the end, you’ll figure out that 80% of the materials are either completely outdated or not applicable to your unique training business at all.

The worst part is you can easily get caught up in a rat race of chasing one trend after another, never mastering any and killing yourself in the process.

If you somehow make it around all of these traps – YES, you will become a master.

But it will take a toll on you, your time, your finances and your personal life.

Then there’s option number two…

Option #2: Get someone that has already mastered the game to guide you.

Someone that can tell you (from experience) what to focus on and what would be a complete waste of time.

Someone that can share with you all the golden nuggets acquired from the high-ticket seminars – without you having to pay thousands of dollars for them.

And most importantly, someone that will be there anytime you have a question, so you never feel alone or do not know what to do next.

Contrary to what you might think… 

I won’t tell you which option to choose.
But what I can tell you is what we’d chosen ourselves at IFPA...

If you guessed #2, then you’re right.

At IFPA, we are aware that we are masters at educating personal trainers on the topics of training, nutrition, recovery, and running a personal training business.

However, the only way to share our knowledge and make the biggest impact is to get aspiring trainers to become our members.

Ergo – even we needed a great marketing & sales team.

It would be just plain stupid if we took our eye off the ball and tried to master these two topics by ourselves.

We would waste money.

We would waste time.

And most importantly – the quality of our courses would suffer, and we can’t have that.

That’s why we decided to hire these two marketing specialists to help us out...

Let me introduce you to Rene & Renato.

These two guys have proven themselves crucial in helping IFPA become one of the leading PT certification companies in the US and abroad.

And there’s a simple reason for that…

They live and breathe marketing every single day.

From their early days of creating profitable campaigns in every niche, you can imagine…

Check this out – they have success stories from dog food companies, windows manufacturers, learning centers for kids, motivational speakers, personal trainers, private gyms, real estate agencies, beauty salons, and so forth. 

To the present day, where they spend most of their time exclusively helping people in the fitness industry.

No wonder helping IFPA grow was a piece of cake for them.

So, what do these two guys have to do with you and your career?

Quite a lot, actually.

You see, at IFPA, one of the principles we follow is…

Sharing is caring.

And that’s why…

We decided to share our two secret marketing weapons with you TODAY…

Yep – you read that right.

In just a few moments, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get exclusive access to the same level of marketing & sales advice IFPA pays thousands of dollars per month for… and for a fraction of the price.

How’s that even possible?

To be honest – I had to call in every favor I could to get Rene & Renato interested in the project.

After all, their business hours are usually filled with clients that pay them somewhere between $1,500 – $3,000 per month for their services.

Apparently, my own marketing & sales skills built during the 20 years of my career had an effect on them.

When I explained to the them what I talked about earlier (the golden era of PTs, ongoing plague, crazy competition, and the need for skills in the fast-changing, rapidly adapting world of promoting and selling)…

They lit up and wanted in on helping the next generation of top personal trainers fast-track their careers.

So naturally, my next question was…

Okay guys - what’s the fastest way personal trainers can learn marketing & sales?

Rene and Renato both had the same answer.

No – it wasn’t a magical psychological trick or a top-secret Facebook algorithm hack that would double the number of your clients overnight.

It was much simpler, much easier and much more fun.

The fastest way for you to learn marketing is to have a mentor that can personally guide you through the process.

A mentor that will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and also help you understand the process behind it – so next time, you can come up with great ideas yourself.

A mentor that will take the time from his day to personally look over your promotions, ads and content and give you honest feedback on how to make them even better.

And, of course – a mentor that will be there when you need him to answer all of your burning questions.

I have great news for you!

Today you have the opportunity to get not one but two mentors!

Rene & Renato can also be your secret weapon to accelerate your PT business and leave your competition in the dust.


Well – we teamed up to create probably one of the best membership programs for personal trainers in the history of IFPA.

I present to you…

PREMIUM VIP Membership

This is your key to unlocking your potential and experiencing first-class PT freedom.

Freedom to help the exact type of clients you want to work with.

Freedom to make money doing it.

Freedom to take that vacation you’ve always wanted without your clients fleeing to your nearest competitor. 

And of course…

Freedom to give the middle finger to all those naysayers that doubted you and told you to get “a REAL job.”

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not.

Because we sat down with Rene & Renato and brainstormed all the best ways, we can help you fast-track your career.

Check out everything that we decided to include in your membership...

Then we also added some IFPA signature goodies...

My goal with IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership is to make sure ambitious personal trainers have the perfect opportunity
to reach their personal & business goals.

Yes, it’s true – all of my training businesses made me over $1,050,000 in 2019.

It’s also true that I’m the owner of the first (and only) private gym in my country, and at the same time, I’m the Director of Education at IFPA Global, where we help more than 355,128 people from all around the world blow up their careers as PTs. 

BUT I’ve also gone through the same crucible that almost all personal trainers (probably you as well) experience at the beginning of their careers…

Even though I had a couple of somewhat flaky clients, I was living in constant fear. 

I was always asking myself these same questions…

So I know what it’s like to go through a rough time.

And I want to use my years of experience as a personal trainer and as a businessman to help others get out of their “rough time”.

But I’m not interested in working with just anybody.

I only want to work with those that have the ambition and the drive to better themselves and advance their careers.

Since you are reading these words, I believe you just might be one of these people.

And let me tell you something – I am willing to go above and beyond for people like you.

Let me prove it to you…

If you give IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership
a risk-free try TODAY, I will throw in a
FREE 1-1 coaching call with me personally...

If you give IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership
a risk-free try TODAY,
I will throw in a
FREE 1-1 coaching call with me personally...

You get to hop on a call with me and ask me whatever you want.

Together, we will look at your situation, clarify your goals, and plan how to get there faster than you ever thought possible.

I usually charge $125 for 30 minutes of my time.

But like I said – I am willing to go above and beyond for those that have the ambition and the drive to match me.

If you are one of those, you get this 1-1 coaching call today for free.

And that’s not even the best part…

You see, when Rene & Renato saw what I did there, they decided to one-up me.

They are throwing in exclusive training for personal trainers on how to write killer ads - for FREE...

This is a priceless masterclass recorded exclusively for the members of the IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership. 

Here Rene & Renato break down the exact method for writing ads that will magnetically attract your dream clients directly to you.

If you don’t run paid ads yet, don’t worry…

These techniques will work like gangbusters, even for the organic posts on your personal Facebook profile.

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this exclusive training:

And much, much more.

Once you master this, getting clients will never again be a problem for you.

That’s why we could easily package this training into a $397 course, but if you try out IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership today, you get it for FREE.

But here’s the thing…

Rene & Renato didn’t just one-up me; they “two-upped” me.

Along with the masterclass on writing ads, they also threw in…

Get personal feedback directly from Rene & Renato on your content and promotional materials - FOR FREE...

Okay – now we are crossing into the “crazy” territory.

The guys literally agreed they would personally critique the ads, posts and other promotional materials of the first 50 trainers that join IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership today.

How does that work?


You can send them your Facebook posts, Instagram videos, your website or anything else you use to get clients, and they will take the time to give you personalized video feedback on how to make it even better.

By the way, that’s a kind of service their high-ticket clients pay them $397/month for.

To be honest – this is by far the most valuable part of this entire thing.

And since you still see this page – there’s still time for you to claim one of the 50 spots.

So here’s the deal…

We will give you all of these bonuses (including the 1-1 call with me, an exclusive masterclass on writing ads and the personalized feedback on your materials)  for FREE if you give the IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership a risk-free try today.

How much will this cost?

I’m not going to beat around the bush…

Normally, a monthly subscription to IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership can sell for up to $197 per month.

Which, quite frankly, is a steal…

But here’s why I’m offering it so cheap, and why I’m giving you all these additional bonuses for FREE…

First, I am making enough money with my gym, training sessions and other businesses…

… and Rene & Renato are financially well-off because of all the clients they serve in their top-tier marketing agency.

We don’t need to make money on this.

And to be honest, after we factor in all of the costs of providing all the fantastic things we promised you above, we will barely break even on this membership.

Why would we do that?


Second – we just underwent a pandemic that we had never seen before.

A pandemic that burnt a hole in many trainer’s pockets, maybe yours too.

But what the pandemic couldn’t burn a hole in is your ambition.

I admire that.

That’s why I decided to make this membership as affordable as possible, so every ambitious PT has the opportunity to get in.

On top of that, I want to make it as secure as possible for you.

I want to earn your trust.

Which is why I’m giving you…


You can sign up today, get all the amazing bonuses, and participate in the masterclasses and Q&As for a whole month…

And if – in the first month – you decide all of this isn’t worth the $197/month…

… which comes out to less than 7 bucks a day…

You simply cancel. And you get every penny back.

I don’t even need to get a reason from you.

And in that case you can keep all the materials that you’ll receive in the first month (completely for FREE).

You see… I’m not worried about losing money on this because I care a lot about the quality of the content Rene, Renato, and I provide. And I care about my trainers in the IFPA family.

At this point in my life, I understand that the only thing that makes me happy is to see other people happy.


So even if you decide to cancel, that’s OK. I only want the people who are determined to build an outstanding personal training career to remain members.

And if you decide to become one of them today, here’s one more thing I’m going to do…

Save another 50% - and get the IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership for only $97/month!

(+ 1-1 call with me, an exclusive training on writing social media posts, and a chance to get personalized feedback on your content and promotional materials)

That’s right…

You can save another 50% and get the IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership for half price today.

Only $97 per month.

But this offer (with all of the bonuses) is only valid if you are one of the first 50 trainers that sign up.

And since we sent this offer out to over 51,452 trainers – it’d probably be a good idea to do it right away.

As in… right now.

So click the link below to take advantage of this one-time offer…

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, 
without any extra costs

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra costs

If you click out of this window, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to sign up again.

I know I sound like a broken record by now, but I can’t stress this enough…

The golden era for personal trainers is upon us.

But not every single trainer will be able to take full advantage of it.

Not because they wouldn’t want to, but because they simply won’t have the skills and knowledge required to make the most out of the opportunity.

You can either leave this to chance…

Or you can take the reigns of destiny in your hands and take action today.

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, 
without any extra costs

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra costs

It’s up to you.

All I can do is show you the facts. What you do with them is entirely your decision.

So to recap…

Here’s what you receive
when you sign up today:

Here’s what you receive when you sign up today:

Then we also added some IFPA signature goodies...

This adds up to a total value of $21,320 per year…

Or $1,776.67 per month…

But if you try IFPA PREMIUM VIP Membership today, you’re getting all of this for only $97 per month.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting opportunity…

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, 
without any extra costs

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra costs


Alex Potrc

COO, IFPA – International Fitness Professionals Association

June 2021

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, 
without any extra costs

*You can cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra costs


1... Alex - Since you’re not originally from the US, how can you know what marketing will be effective in our market?

Good question. 

You see, the best part about the materials inside our VIP membership is they are based on sound persuasion principles originating from evolutionary and human psychology.

These things are universal. They are proven to work no matter if you use them in the US or Europe.

To ensure that, I spent approximately 2 months in the States every year for the past 12 years (2020 was an exception).

There I talk with other personal trainers, organize workshops, rub shoulders & pick the brains of leading figures in the fitness industry.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can take a look at IFPA itself.

Sure, it’s been certifying trainers for decades, but in the last two years working with Rene & Renato, we clearly became one of the leaders in our industry and the USA.

2... Who are Rene & Renato, and how can you be so sure they can help me in my training business?

Okay – there are a couple of things I could tell you about why R&R are so good at what they do. For example, they…

– have more than 9 years of combined marketing experience
– were sitting on the board of the #1 marketing agency in Slovenia
– besides being successful in the health & fitness niche, they profitably sold almost everything on the internet (including wooden windows, motivational seminars, organic diapers, depression counselling, etc.)

While all this is true, I think the most significant sign of trust in their expertise is that we at IFPA still pay them thousands of dollars EVERY month for their help on our projects.

In fact, they even helped me perfect this website you’re reading right now, and we can both agree they did an outstanding job : )

Now click here and steal the same high-grade marketing knowledge we use and skyrocket your career in the rest of 2021 and beyond.

3... What if all the trainers from the membership start marketing the same way or, even worse, someone from my area signs up as well?

Excellent question. There are a couple of things you need to know…

#1: There are 340,000 personal trainers in the US. This special offer is limited to only 50 trainers. That means you can join the (future) top 0.014% of PTs in your country. 

#2: Humans like to listen & buy from other humans, not soulless brands. That means every marketing concept we teach needs your unique personality to work to the fullest extent. Aside from terrific results, this makes you impossible to be copied, and you truly become a celebrity authority in your area.

#3: And if that wasn’t enough, let me shed light on one more thing. The key to your success is not just knowledge. It’s the speed of implementation. The faster you implement what you learn, the wider the gap between you and other PTs grow. No matter if they are from your area or from across the country.

You can also ask yourself…

What will happen if someone from your area becomes our VIP member and you don’t?

I wouldn’t risk it.

But of course, you are free to make your own decisions.

If you want to join us, here’s the link

4... I already have my way of marketing & advertising. Will I have to turn it upside down to implement your strategies?

First of all – congratulations on being proactive and focusing on marketing & sales in your career. It’s something not many trainers focus on.

However, since you are reading this, I bet you aren’t entirely satisfied with the results you are getting.

That’s great. In my opinion, this ambitious hunger of yours is one of the signs you are destined to do great things in this industry.

If you want to get to the next level, though, you can’t keep on doing the same things as you are doing now.

Just like with hitting a plateau in the gym, you need to switch things up.

Why not do it with strategies that are proven to work?


Click here and unlock your next level.

5... I’m at the beginning of my personal training career. Will this still benefit me?

Of course. 

To be honest,  just starting out can be your greatest advantage. 

You have no existing patterns you need to unlearn. You’re a blank slate.

This means you can build yourself and your brand from the ground up – the right way.

You can use clever marketing to overtake many of the more experienced trainers.

Especially if you’re one of the first 50 that joins our membership since that makes you eligible for our 1-1 call where I can personally guide you to success.

You just have to promise me one thing…

That you will – despite being great at marketing – still focus on becoming the best personal trainer you can be.

If you can do that for me, then click here and sign up now.

6... Do you offer a free trial?

Nope. And there’s a good reason for that… 

The internet is full of “wannabe” trainers and “freebie seekers” that spend their days sniffing out new information, never taking action and then playing the victim & complaining about the lack of results.

The easiest way to get rid of these “leeches” is to put a price tag on what we do.

Since you are here, I already know you aren’t one of them. So I can reveal to you the second reason why we don’t offer this information for free…

According to studies, we value the things we pay for more than those we get for free.

And if you value something more, you’ll be more prone to actually implementing it and seeing results.

Then you will enjoy the fruits of your labour, and I will have another great success story to share with the IFPA family.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Click here, and let’s get started.

7... Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep, we do. We are so sure that you will absolutely love the knowledge and the community inside the IFPA VIP Membership that we are willing to do something crazy…

If after 30 days you decide that this thing is not worth its price tag, we will refund your every penny – no questions asked.

And in that case, you can keep all the materials that you’ll receive in the first month (completely for FREE).

It might seem crazy, but here’s my thought process…

If you believe in what you do, you shouldn’t have any problem making a promise like that.

With that said – you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now click here, and let’s get you started >> 

8... $97 per month is still too much for me…

If, after everything you’ve read on this page, you still think $97 per month is too much, I can’t help you.

Please close the page and leave your place in the first 50 to another trainer who’s willing to invest in his or her personal training career.

Thank you.

9... Can I cancel my membership any time, or am I stuck in this thing till the end of times?

Woah, we haven’t even started, and you’re already thinking about breaking up with me?

Just kidding : )

You can cancel your place in the IFPA VIP membership at any point in time.

There’s no hidden fine print or contract in place.

All you have to do to cancel is send an email to [email protected] and use the subject line “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP”.

*Just send an email two business days before your next payment is due.

10... What if I miss the live sessions?

Have no fear; all Masterclasses and official Q&As will be recorded, and you will get the replays.

A quick heads-up…

Rene & Renato are known for doing “drop-in” Q&A calls from time to time.

Because they are more improvised and the guys often let it fly no holds barred on, these aren’t recorded – so it pays for you to be active in the group and get on there live : )

11... What happens when I sign up?

It’s simple. After you click here, fill out your contact details and complete the purchase, these things will happen…

1) You will get an official confirmation email from our website letting you know you’re now a part of the IFPA VIP Membership.

2) In 24 hours, you will get a personalised welcome email from Rene & Renato, where they welcome you into the family and give you some materials to study before the official start date.

3) You will also get access to my personal calendar to schedule our 1-1 call in. 

4) Our official class starts July 15th 2021 – that’s when the Intro Masterclass will be. All details will be provided to you no later than 72 hours before the call. You will also get access to the bonus training materials at that time.

5) THE BEST THING: As soon as you join, you can send your existing promotional materials to Rene & Renato to get comprehensive feedback, and your money’s-worth BEFORE the official course even starts.

12... What if I have some additional questions about the IFPA VIP Membership?

No problem. Simply send us your question through this simple contact form or call us on one of these two numbers (Monday-Friday 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST)…

Toll-free: (800) 785-1924
Local: (813) 979-1925

Our team will be happy to assist you : )

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