There’s another kind of snapping hip that’s on the outside of the joint, by the greater trochanter, which is aprotruding knob at the upper end of the femur, just below where it goes into the hip joint. We know aboutthis one—it involves the tensor fascia lata muscle and the iliotibial band. The muscle helps to flex andextend your hip, and, as it works, the iliotibial band can snap over the greater trochanter, which sticks outfrom the bone just asking for it. Especially in lean people who don’t have much fat to lubricate that sort ofmovement (there’s a bursa in there to help out, too, but sometimes it doesn’t), the tendon can becomeirritated.

It can also occur in people who lie on their hip and move their leg, as in aerobics and calisthenics.The pressure can push the bone against the tendon and irritate it that way. These people feel the irritationright next to the skin.

+ What to do about it + This one is something you can deal with on your own because it usually involvestendinitis, or a muscle that’s too tight or too weak. Stretching, strengthening, icing, and anti-inflammatoriesare what’s required.

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