And now, welcome to the haunted house of sports medicine, a world in which things happen for noapparent reason and quit happening just as mysteriously. How many dancers (and others, too, but mostlydancers) have to get up in the morning and pop their hip before they can go ahead and dance the rest of theday? It’s a common thing. It’s lucky that most snapping hips don’t hurt because we don’t know why theypop, and we don’t know why they feel better afterwards. One theory says that tendons snap across thefront of the pelvis, or each other, as they change positions during activity. If they snap enough, they canbecome irritated. And that can mean swelling and pain—the symptoms of tendinitis.

+ What to do about it + If it doesn’t hurt, ignore it. And count your blessings. If it does hurt, see a doctor.The task then will be to find out what tendon or muscle is involved, and then do the familiar things: stretch-ing, strengthening, even using ice and anti-inflammatories. But we may be in the realm of cracking knees,ankles, and toes here. You learn to live with it.

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