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 IFPA Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

Printed book: $475 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 


IFPA Indoor Cycling Instructor Course is developed to teach the Instructor the knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need to teach Indoor Cycling Classes in the safest and most effective way possible. The course covers everything from knowing how to dress appropriately, to where and how to train all levels of participants. The course has the critical technical information as well as very valuable information on motivating and managing your classes and instruction. In addition, the course covers the special needs for participants with disabilities and how to handle cyclists with embarrassing problems. This course covers the most important, essential, and practical skills required of successful Indoor Cycling Instructors and much more!



  1. Learn the knowledge necessary to handle the health and safety concerns of every participant.

  2. Learn how to manage the accounting, business, and career concerns of every instructor.

  3. Learn how to build and manage Class Profiles.

  4. Learn how to choose, manipulate, and program music to the benefit of your participants.

  5. Learn essential methods to motivate your riders.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the best ways to get participants to your classes and keep them coming back for more.
  2. Understand the unique teaching styles, and how to grow, and develop your own.
  3. Understand how to use Feedback Forms to continuously grow your success.
  4. Understand how to use and manipulate Intensity, safely and effectively.
  5. Understand Special Populations, their special needs, and how to manage them.
Learning Outcomes:
  1. Achieve competency in setting and maintaining safe cycling protocols.
  2. Achieve competency in pedaling and the “Pedaling Cycle.”
  3. Achieve competency in all aspects of the Warm-Up and Work-Out Modes.”
  4. Achieve competency in the safety management of hydration and breathing.
  5. Achieve competency in Designing Training Programs, Training Heart Rates, Cool-Downs, Stretching, and all that is required to maximize the training benefit to everyone of your class participants.


Please note: You have six months to complete this course, from the date of registration to your final exam. If you have not taken your final exam within that time, the course will be closed. A refund will not be provided.