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It's Time to Renew

Renewing your certification with IFPA is a straightforward process designed to accommodate your preferences and schedule. Begin by deciding on the duration of renewal—1 year or 2 years.

For a one-year renewal, accumulate 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through various options:

  • Continuing Education Courses: Choose from a wide range of courses offering one to twelve CEUs each, covering diverse subject areas.
  • FitBits: Complete monthly FitBits, consisting of an article and a ten-question exam, to earn one CEU per month.
  • Fit Spots: Attend bi-monthly live webinars or purchase recorded sessions, earning two CEUs per session.

Opting for a two-year renewal requires collecting 24 CEUs, which can be achieved through:

  • Specialized Certifications: IFPA offers advanced certifications in areas like Sports Nutrition, Senior Fitness, and Pre & Post Natal care, each providing 24 CEUs and a two-year renewal.

Additionally, you may submit up to 6 credits from outside sources per one-year renewal.

Once you've selected your focus area and duration of renewal, place your order online or by phone. Then, review your course materials and prepare for the exam, with up to 6 months for preparation. When ready, take the exam following provided instructions or contacting the CEU Department for your test link.

Upon successful completion of the exam, submit the CEU Report Form via email to the CEU Department at [email protected]. Your new certificate(s) will be processed within 4 weeks, with the option for Rush Processing available.

Congratulations on completing the renewal process! Thank you for being part of our IFPA Family. Remember to join our IFPA Members Page on Facebook for exclusive resources such as podcasts and webinars tailored for our members.

Download our CEU Renewal Form