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Master Personal Trainer Certification

E-Course: $749 

Printed book: $775 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 



The Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification provides a comprehensive coverage of the complex relationship between human physiology and exercise in a practical, easy to understand, and engaging manner. This advanced personal training course will expand on the knowledge, skills and abilities you learned in the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification, providing you with a more in-depth study of exercise training, optimizing physical performance in sports, and overall physical activity for general health and fitness.

If you’re in the process of researching the Master Personal Trainer Certification it means you’ve already accomplished quite a lot in your education. You should be well experienced in working with a wide variety of individuals and in helping them attain their fitness goals. The IFPA recognizes your efforts and is proud to be bringing you its Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification materials.

The master personal training course is developed from a broad background of scientific and practical knowledge related to personal training. Information tested in this certification is utilized in college exercise physiology courses and in some graduate programs. The IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification course is an intensive program and highly recognized in the fitness industry.

As such, the expectation of Master Personal Fitness Trainers is well beyond that which you may have witnessed or experienced in the past. Your dedicated effort will be required, but we know that successful completion of this program will put you in the top 1/10th of 1 percent of all personal trainers in the industry. The work will pay off!


  • Learn knowledge, skills and abilities far beyond that of the Certified Personal Fitness Trainer or the Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer.
  • Learn to conduct safe and effective Personal Fitness Trainer training sessions with clients that have restriction to exercise due to disease, disability and dysfunctions.
  • Learn advanced personal training course exercise science, including: physiological systems, bioenergetics, endocrine response to exercise, gender and age consideration and an advanced understanding of all 7 phases of the Personal Fitness Training process
  • Learn advanced program design concepts to take your training and your clients to greater heights of achievement.
  • Learn new knowledge, skills and abilities in the management of your business and career.


  • Know the structure and function of exercising the muscle
  • Know the energy systems
  • Know how to train your clients for their specific sport
  • Know how to train clients of different ages in sport and exercise
  • Know advanced exercise prescriptions for special populations


  • Understand the functional anatomy of skeletal muscle
  • Understand how to fuel your clients for sport and exercise
  • Understand the principles of exercise training
  • Understand environmental influences on performance
  • Understand how to optimize performance in sport


  1. Textbook
  2. Study Guide
  3. 200 question (multiple choice, open book) certification exam


  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48hrs of purchase.


  1. Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
  2. Sports Nutrition Specialist
  3. Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
  4. CPR/First Aid Certified


Please note: You have six months to complete this course, from the date of registration to your final exam. If you have not taken your final exam within that time, the course will be closed. A refund will not be provided.