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 Stretching Anatomy

*6 CEU (Continuing Education Units)

E-Course: $119 

Printed book: $137 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 

Enroll with E-Course $119
Enroll with Printed Book $137


The Stretching Anatomy CEU Course will not only teach you improve flexibility, but it will also teach you how to incorporate it into fitness programs. From injury prevention to simply increasing circulation for day-to-day work, The stretching programs will aid in improving your life in and out of the workplace. The anatomy and physiology portion of the text will make sure you understand why the stretches are important to your body and how it works. The Stretching Anatomy continuing education course provides trainers with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to incorporate stretching, safely and effectively, into not only their workouts, but their daily lives as well.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Learn proper techniques for stretching
  • Learn how to stretch all areas of the body
  • Learn how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures
  • Learn different variations for each stretch to emphasis different muscles

Course Outcomes:

  • Know how to increase muscle tone with stretching
  • Know how to aid in recovery with stretching
  • Know the different variations and progressions for every stretch
  • Know how to administer effective stretching programs

Course Goals:

  • Understand stretching anatomy
  • Understand how sequencing can affect muscle recruitment
  • Understand the importance of stretching for all ages
  • Understand how to customize sports specific stretching for athletes

Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. StudyGuide
  3. 50 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam


  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48hrs of purchase.


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified (recommended, but not required)