What is the Best Personal Trainer Certification? It all depends on what you are looking for and what type of clients you want to work with. If you plan on working with Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients in hospitals for example, you should consider the ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine, other certifications focus on other needs. The focus of the IFPA is to provide you practical knowledge, skills and abilities you need to conduct the safest and most effective possible training programs for the typical clients you would train in the gym or health-club.

Another advantage the IFPA offers you is that, should you decide to begin expanding your service and career to include one or more “Special Populations Groups,” the IFPA can offers you over 70 advanced Personal Training/ Sports Conditioning Courses to bring you the highest level of competency for any specialization you desire. This is a far more comprehensive education program than any other certification. The IFPA offers numerous courses for you to achieve expert status with: Youth Fitness, Women’s Fitness and Senior Fitness; Medical Fitness; to deal with clients chronic disease, disabilities, and dysfunctions, including Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Type 2 and Diabetes and over 60 more disorders, Post-Secondary Rehabilitation; to help your clients to return to full functionality following injuries, several Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Courses to guide your clients to optimal diet and healthy lifestyle; Core and Functional Trainer Courses; Fitness Consulting, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, Fitness Testing and Assessment, Exercise Prescription and Program Design Courses, Flexibility, Speed and Power Specialist Courses; Sports Conditioning Specialist Courses with 14 Specific Sport & Athletic Program Design Courses; Group Fitness; Tai Chi & many more advanced and specialized courses for Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialists, Fitness Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors. Start with the IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Course. Learn the precise knowledge and how the IFPA transforms knowledge into the skills and abilities you need to be a successful personal career in Personal Training.

Is the IFPA the best because we developed the most comprehensive Job Analysis survey, ever devised in the Fitness Industry? The JAS that was used to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities, KSAs, you need to become a highly successful personal trainer. Is the IFPA the Best personal training certification because the IFPA offers more advanced and specialized certification courses than any other and is just as dedicated to your learning as certification? Or is the IFPA best because it has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since inception in 1994, became accredited by the Better Business Bureau due to the IFPA’s continuous “A+” Rating, received accreditation through ICE/NOCA/NCCA in 2006; and is recommend by numerous medical associations.

Once you see the valuable content the IFPA provides you, you just might be among all those who say: the IFPA is the best Personal Trainer Certification.

Congratulations on your achievements and dedication to excellence. Once you become a personal trainer, your experience will definitely give you an edge over other personal trainers. However, club owners will not hire you and insurance companies will not insure you if you are not a certified personal trainer. Despite a wealth of practical experience, you will need a certification to prove you understand the science behind training to ensure you will DO NO HARM to the public you will be charged with training. Training a 60-year old with osteoarthritis has nothing to do with bodybuilding! Likewise, training a 40-year old, overweight individual has nothing to do with bodybuilding. Personal Fitness Training has little to do with the type of sports conditioning required of a competitive athlete. Your athletic achievements, though a well-earned source of pride and display of dedication and discipline, do not prove your competence to train others safely and effectively. Your IFPA certification shows a level of professional competence far superior to any championship when it comes to becoming a successful personal fitness trainer.

Congratulations on completing a very demanding course of study! Once certified, this education will set you apart from other personal trainers. However, you do need a certification. Even with a Masters Degree most gym owners will not hire you and most insurances companies will not insure you. Despite 2 (or more) years of dedicated academic study, most gyms know that you have little or no practical application in fitness. Certifications satisfy this demand.

Once you purchase and pass a certification exam, you are a member. At the end of two years, you must renew your certification by purchasing either 12 CEUs (continuing education units) that will renew you for an additional year or 24 CEUs that will renew you for two years.

Are you a fitness enthusiast who decided that a career in health and fitness is right for you? In as little as 2-3 months, you could be a Personal Trainer. To become an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, you must take our Personal Trainer Certification Exam. This will prove you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to train your future clients safely and effectively.

Without passing a Personal Trainer Certification Exam, gym owners will not hire you, and insurance companies will not insure you. We offer 4 different Personal Trainer Packages for you to choose from. The basic package is the PFT Bronze Package which includes the Textbook, Study Guide, and Certification Exam. Each additional package has additional study materials to help you pass the exam. (For example, the Silver Package has everything the Bronze package has, plus a 7 DVD Personal Trainer Workshop Set, and a 200 question practice exam.) We also have a Testing Only Option, for candidates that are already prepared to take the Exam.

From the time of registering for the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, you have 6 months to take the Personal Trainer Certification Exam. Our PFT Certification Exam is a proctored, closed book, 105 question multiple choice exam. We set up locations near you, for you to take the exam, such as your local library, community college, or university. We set up a date and time at one of these locations, for you to take the exam. Once you have completed the exam, the exam is mailed to us in a prepaid envelope. Once we receive the exam, it takes us 4-6 week to get you your results. If you need your results sooner, you may choose to pay a $25 rush fee, and we will send you your results in 3 business days from the day we receive the exam.

Once you have passed the exam, you become an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer for 2 years. In two years your certification will expire, and you are required to renew your certification with additional continuing education. If you were to fail your exam, you are able to retest for $75 fee.

Choose from several options to renew your PFT certification and remain an active IFPA Member:

You can take an additional certification, worth 24 credits each, which will renew you for an additional 2 years. We offer over 60 specialized fitness and nutrition certifications for you to choose from. All certifications other than our Personal Fitness Trainer are open book exams.
You can take continuing education courses. 12 credits will renew you for one year (the exams are open book as well). You could sign-up for our monthly FitBits, worth 1 credit per FitBit, which will also renew you for one year. (We also accept, 6 outside source credits).

What is the best time to become a personal trainer? If you know this career is right for you… Immediately! The sooner you begin the process, the sooner you will be a certified personal trainer, doing what you love, and making good money while doing it. Check out our different personal trainer certification packages to determine which package is the best fit for you!

personal trainer certification process

The IFPA Personal Trainer Exam is a closed book, proctored exam. When you are ready to take the exam, you will contact your local library/college/university or testing center to set up a time and date for you to take the exam. After you have setup your testing location, call the IFPA and give the information to our Testing Department. (If you have a difficult time locating a testing center, the Testing Department will help you pin down a location.) Our Testing Director will call the testing center and after confirming the location, will send out the exam. After you take the exam, the exam will be sent back in an IFPA prepaid envelope by the proctor. Once we receive your test, it will take up to 4-6 weeks to send you your results by email. It is very important for you to give us an accurate email address. We do not discuss results over the phone. If you need results ASAP, we offer a rush processing for $25. You will receive your results in three business days by e-mail from the day we receive the exam.

You need an 80% to pass the IFPA Personal Trainer Exam.

The materials you receive will depend on what package you purchase. We have four packages to choose from; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Bronze is the “basic package” that includes a textbook, study guide and personal fitness trainer exam. The other packages include everything in the Bronze package including additional materials to help you pass the exam. We also offer a Testing Only Option. Information for all the packages and what they include can be found on the IFPA Personal Trainer Get Certified Page of our website.

Bring pencils, and your driver’s license. You will not be able to take a bag, books, or any study materials into the room where you are taking the exam. The Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Examination is a closed book, proctored exam.

renewing your certification

Each month we send out a monthly FITBIT blast to all our members. There is an article ranging from all different topics that are related to fitness. You can purchase the 10 question exam which will be sent to you by email for $20. Each FITBIT exam is worth 1 CEU. You can purchase each FITBIT individually, a bundle of FITBITs (however many you want 2, 6, 12) or signup for the continuous FITBIT subscription. It is an easy, convenient way to stay up-to-date on your certification. You don’t have to wait for anything in the mail. There are no shipping fees. It’s a quick easy way to get your 12 CEU credits to renew your PFT for one year.

The CEU Report Form is sent with your packages. We send it to you, to update all of your information. YES, it is necessary and very important for you to fill it out. We cannot complete this form for you. Even if your information has not changed, you MUST fill out all the information. It is incredibly frustrating for us to try and decipher what looks like Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Not only does it drive us crazy, it prolongs the process. (And it happens all the time!) Please complete the form NEATLY and CLEARLY. We cannot process your certification renewal until we have this form completely filled out, signed and dated by you. We greatly appreciate your help with this process!

You have several different options to renew your Personal Trainer Certification. The first is to take an additional certification, which will renew your PFT certification for 2 more years. After taking the Personal Fitness Trainer many of our members have elected to take the Sports Nutrition Specialist. This course builds on the knowledge you have already learned in your PFT and enables you to develop specific meal plans for each of your clients needs. Any of our certifications will renew you for two years. (Be sure to check out our monthly special, we discount one of our certifications each month as a gift to all our members.)

Another option is take CEU courses. We have CEU courses that range from 2-12 credits. You need a total of 12 CEU credits to renew your certification for one year. You are allowed to use up to 6 outside source CEU credits to renew your certification.

FITBITs are another great way to keep up-to-date on your certification. Each month we send out a monthly FITBIT, that includes an article. If you decide to renew with FITBITS, after reading the article, contact the Testing Department, and they will send out the FITBIT test. Each month is 1CEU, by the end of the year you will have accumulated 12CEUs and will be certified for an additional year.

CEUs stand for Continuing Education Units. These are used to renew your personal fitness trainer certification. All of our certifications are 24 CEUS and will renew you for 2 years. We have CEU courses that are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 CEUs. Each Fitibit is 1 CEU. You need a total of 12 CEUs to renew for one year. We can accept up to 6 outside CEUs each year.

Although we welcome you back with open arms, and are so excited you are getting an itch to get back in the fitness industry! Unfortunately after your certification has been expired for more than two years, you have to retake the Personal Fitness Trainer Exam over again.

more questions? No problem!

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