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FitBits are continuing education articles, published by industry experts, ranging in all topics of health and fitness.

Each FitBit will grant trainers with one Continuing Education Unit (CEU). FitBits are comprised of an article and ten question exam.

Sign-up for our monthly FitBit Subscription and save a total of $60 per year. By completing one each month, you will have enough credits to renew your certification(s) for one year. 

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Current FitBits

Should You Take DHEA Supplements? - June 2024

DHEA, Dehydroepiandrosterone (try saying it 3 times faster to give your mouth a workout and burn some calories), sometimes called Androstenolone, is an endogenous steroidal hormone precursor.


Optimizing Your Microbiome - June 2024

In short, the microbiome is a collection of microbes that live in and on our bodies. This collection includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes that live naturally within and on our bodies


Unhealthy Pesticide Levels Found in U.S. Produce - May 2024

Explore the startling truth about pesticides in US produce and how 20% of American fruits and vegetables harbor dangerous pesticide levels. Gain insights to protect your health.

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Glutamine Benefits, Dosages & Risks - April 2024

Discover how glutamine can supercharge your muscle recovery, boost your immune system, and enhance gut health. Learn the optimal dosages for peak performance and avoid potential risks‚ÄĒunlock your body's full potential with expert insights.

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The Science of Saffron - March 2024

Inspired by the rich heritage of saffron, renowned for its flavor, vibrant color, healing properties, and health benefits, this innovative wearable combines timeless wisdom with modern technology. Enhance your well-being and achieve your fitness goals with the elegant FitBit Saffron Edition.

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Cancer Risks, Prevention, and New Blood Tests - Feb 2024

Factors such as genetics, family history, and race play significant roles. However, adhering to these guidelines can greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases, disabilities, and dysfunctions.

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New Year, New Goal: Longevity - Jan 2024

For General Longevity Goals, your Longevity exercise prescriptions will incorporate: Strength, Anaerobic and Aerobic, Flexibility, Symmetry, Body Composition, and Biochemical Balance. 


Help Your Clients Stay on Track During the Holidays - Dec 2023

The last thing you want for your clients is to develop bad habits over the next few weeks, that will not only carry into the New Year but also blow up all the gains they have made over the previous months.


Connect Your Clients to Create a Fitness Community - Nov 2023

As a fitness professional, you have the ability to create a community to foster stronger relationships with your clients and their friends and families through health and fitness.


Prebiotics, Probiotics, and the Gut Microbiome - Oct 2023

Each person’s gut microbiome is unique. We are born into this world with a distinctive network of microbiota that evolves throughout life through environmental exposures we encounter, and lifestyle choices we make.


How Many Steps A Day Does It Take To Boost Your Health? New Study Weighs In - Sept 2023

10,000 steps a day (roughly 5 miles) has been the gold standard for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward to this past month, August 2023, a new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, found it might take less steps a day than you think to boost your health!


How Deadly Is Inflammation Inside Your Body? - August 2023

Inflammation is a normal and healthy protective response to irritants, toxins, and pathogens that enter the body. Inflammation becomes a problem when it is chronic. Chronic inflammation can lead to damaged tissues and organs, and other unhealthy circumstances.


Childhood Obesity Treatment and Prevention - July 2023

The Childhood Obesity Foundation reports, as of 2019, it is estimated that over 150 million children in the world are obese and that this will increase to 206 million by 2025. In the United States, childhood obesity has more than tripled over the last four decades.


Causes, Treatments, & Prevention of Muscle Cramps  - June 2023

There are many causes of muscle cramps. Certain medications (such as high blood pressure meds), certain diseases (diseases of the: kidney, liver, cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary/nervous systems, diabetes, etc.) certain disorders (such as within the nerves, liver, thyroid, etc.) can all cause cramps.


The Benefits of Green Tea - May 2023

Today, in 2023, more and more scientific evidence is being brought forward showing green tea is a powerful preventative beverage that slows the aging process, and prevents numerous chronic diseases.


Best Practices in Managing Weight (Fat Loss) - April 2023

Every successful weight loss method is rooted in one, universal, scientifically proven method. That successful method is "The In-Go, Out-Go Method!"


Is Intermittent Fasting Safe? - March 2023

There are several modes of intermittent fasting, and some modes are more difficult and advanced than others. 


Happy St. Valentine's Day and be kind to your own heart! - February 2023

Historians are now saying there may have been three separate St. Valentine's, all living and dying around the same time period.


Live with a Purpose to Live Longer - January 2023

According to findings published in the November 2022 issue of "Preventive Medicine," having a purpose in life can actually help you live longer!


How To Stay Fit And Healthy Through The Winter Holiday - December 2022

You have worked hard all year toward your health and fitness goals.  Do you want to risk losing those gains now?


Let’s Talk Turkey - November 2022

How much Turkey will you need for this Thanksgiving Holiday meal?  How should you prepare it?  What will it do for your health?


Exercise Prescription for Back Disorder Prevention

As debilitating as inactivity and back disorders can be, there are actions you can take right now, in the privacy of your own home, to prevent painful pain dysfunctions.


Protecting Your Athlete From Injury - ROM, Symmetry & Balance

If an imbalance exists between agonist-antagonist muscle groups, joint instability, muscular dysfunction, and muscle weakness, an increased risk of musculoskeletal pain and injury may result.


How to Train Clients with Inflammation and Joint Pain

Inflammation is not an evil manifestation that randomly transpires in the body. Inflammation plays an important part in your immune system.


Program Design for the Treatment, Care and Prevention of Cancer

Exercise is the best medicine for the treatment care and prevention of cancer and all chronic disorders, but you must find the correct dose.


Correcting Foot Pain and Maintaining Foot Health 

Painful feet lead to poor balance. Poor balance leads to a fear of physical activity and movement. When we stop moving, we die an early death. Be cognizant of the fact that we must exercise to maintain balance.


Stress and Sleepless Nights - 22 Tips For When You're too Stressed to Rest

According to the CDC, ‚Äúadults need 7 or more hours of sleep per night for the best health and well-being. Short sleep duration is defined as less than 7 hours of sleep per 24-hour period.‚ÄĚ


Torn Biceps - Rehab to Recovery

Tears near the elbow are generally due to an unexpected amount of force (for example, someone trying to break a sudden fall) or during forceful pushing motion.


Kiwi Superfood

Kiwis are a great source of nutrition for heart health. They help lower triglyceride levels and unlike aspirin can reduce platelet clotting with no side effects of gastrointestinal bleeding and discomfort.


Blueberries Superfood

Blueberries seem to slow, even reverse many degenerative diseases associated with the aging brain. And with the ever growing aging population, by the year 2050, 30% of Americans will be over 65. The continued research being done to find ways to slow diseases, prevent diseases and cure diseases with our superfoods will ensure in generations to come a healthier and better quality of life.


Tea - One of the 20 Superfoods and what it can do for you!

Whether you prefer Green tea (favored in Japan), Black tea (favored in Europe) or Oolong tea (favored in China) they are great health benefits to be had from all.


Olive Oil Superfood

The plethora of health benefits obtained from olive oil is overwhelming. Olive oil is a major player in the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and plays a significant role in cancer prevention.


Wild Salmon Superfood

Salmon is one of the richest in nutrient value, it is tasty, and it can be found easily in season. Wild salmon are a source of marine-derived omega 3s, B vitamins, Calcium, Selenium, Vitamin D, Potassium, Protein, and Carotenoids.