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FitBit Subscription

$20 / month



If you’re an IFPA trainer, you can make your certification last longer by continuing education or decide to recertify when the time comes. Our monthly FitBits gives you the perfect chance of constant learning and getting your CEU credits you need to extend your certification.

The IFPA FitBit subscription is just perfect for you! You’ll get a new FitBit every month, and with passing the short exam, you’ll get 1 CEU credit. Easy – Simple – Effective

Current FitBits

Live with a Purpose to Live Longer - January 2023

According to findings published in the November 2022 issue of "Preventive Medicine," having a purpose in life can actually help you live longer!

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy Through The Winter Holiday - December 2022

You have worked hard all year toward your health and fitness goals.  Do you want to risk losing those gains now?

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Let’s Talk Turkey - November 2022

How much Turkey will you need for this Thanksgiving Holiday meal?  How should you prepare it?  What will it do for your health?

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