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High Intensity Interval Training vs Long Duration Training fitquip

Dr. Bell discusses the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training and Long Duration training modes. Find out which is the best for your training program.

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Squats: Breaking Knee Toe Line...Risk vs Reward fitquip

Dr. Bell dives into the Biomechanics of a Squat and discusses the risk vs reward of breaking knee-toe-line.

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Is Pickleball A Good Workout? fitquip

Is Pickleball just a social activity, or can it actually be a good workout? Dr. Bell weighs in.

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How to Avoid Overtraining? fitquip

Dr. Bell discusses Glucose replacement, recovery, and the signs and symptoms of overtraining in his latest FitQuip. 

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Dangerous Side Effects of Taking Apetamin fitquip

Dr. Bell warns against using the performance-enhancing drug, Apetamin. It can be prescribed to help increase appetite in some cases by medical professionals, however is illegal in the US, and is causing death from overuse by bodybuilders.

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Intermittent Fasting Methods fitquip

Dr. Bell discusses the 5:2 and the 16:8 Intermediate Fasting Methods.

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How Do I Design A Women's Fitness Program? fitquip

Dr. Bell addresses the "I don't want to look like the woman in magazines" objection to lifting weights, as well as what is needed to design an effective fat loss program for women. 

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When Is The Best Time To Workout? fitquip

Dr. Bell breaks down different variables such as the individuality principle, administrative perspective, and the endocrine system to help you decide what is the best time to get your workout in.

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