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Elevate Your Expertise with Our Exclusive Bi-Monthly FitSpot Webinars!

Every other month, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a dynamic and informative two-hour live webinar hosted by Dr. Bell or a distinguished Guest Speaker. These engaging sessions delve into a wide array of topics, including nutrition, fitness, wellness, and the business of fitness, offering you valuable insights and practical knowledge to stay ahead in the industry.

Can't make it to the live session? No problem! We offer recordings of each webinar, so you can learn at your own pace and convenience, ensuring you never miss out on crucial information.

By attending our FitSpot webinars, you not only enhance your professional expertise but also earn two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per session. This contributes to your ongoing development and certification requirements, empowering you to thrive in your career.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow and excel in the fitness industry. Join us for the next FitSpot webinar and take your knowledge and skills to the next level!

FitSpot Subscription

With the FitSpot Subscription for just $240 per year. Gain access to 6 FitSpots, each providing comprehensive training and earning you 12 CEU credits annually.

$240 / year

6 FitSpots = 12 CEU Credits

Future FitSpots

August 18, 2024 

Live Webinar: 1700 (5 P.M.) EST

Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Guidance for Obesity Management

With obesity rates on the rise, projections indicate that over half the global population could be obese by 2025. Providing safe and effective programming for this unique population is crucial for achieving sustainable, long-term health outcomes. Understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by obese individuals allows fitness and nutrition professionals to create tailored plans that promote lasting results.



October 6, 2024

Live Webinar: 1700 (5 P.M.) EST

 Combatting Anxiety and Depression Through Fitness Training

October 2023, 33.5% of adults reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. Research increasingly shows that exercise can be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy or medication in treating these conditions. Discover  how fitness training enhances mental health. This October, Depression Awareness Month, take the first step towards better well-being.



December 8, 2024 

Live Webinar: 1700 (5 P.M.) EST

Protein Powder: Optimal Health or Optimal Production

Protein powders play a vital role in fitness and health, serving purposes like muscle gain, boosting dietary protein intake, or even following protein-centric diets. The vast array of options can make it challenging to determine their actual value and discern between essential and harmful ingredients. Dr. Bell will offer insights into his top pick for protein powder and share his personal preference.



Optimizing Your Microbiome

Your outer world is dictated by your inner world. The playing field for human health resides within the 32 square meters that is our gastrointestinal system. It has come to be known as our, ‚Äúsecond brain‚ÄĚ and is governed by an entire ecosystem referred to as the microbiome. Learn about the importance of your gut health as it pertains to your physical health, your mental health, and your ability to maintain resiliency and prevent the onset of chronic degenerative diseases.



Best Practices in Weight Management Prescriptions

In this FitSpot, Dr. Bell separates facts vs the fads, in many of the mainstream nutrition prescriptions.


Purchase Now: $45

Getting Fit for Childbirth: Pre & Post Natal Fitness

There are many myths regarding exercise and pregnancy. Dr. Bell dives into the best practices for exercise before, during, and after pregnancy.


Senior Fitness and Exercise Training…Still Going Strong

Dr. Bell discusses the importance of aging actively and dives into the critical aspects of functional fitness for older adults.


How to Fight Inflammation with Nutrition

Dr. Bell analyzes your eating habits and puts in place strategies to keep your body healthy and optimize your immune system.


How to Conduct Online Training Sessions

Dr. Hassan Karnib examines how to connect with your clients in real-time via online training.


Designing Workout Programs for Athletes

Dr. Bell breaks down the program design process from beginner to advanced plans with benefits and drawbacks to both, starting with 5, 4, 3, and 2-Day Full Body Workouts and transitioning to 5, 4, 3, and 2-day Advanced Split routines. 


The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting

In this two-hour webinar, Dr. Bell dives into the science behind intermittent fasting and the different popular approaches that are used with this nutrition trend.