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 Functional Anatomy Specialist

E-Course: $549 

Printed book: $575 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 


The movement of our body is among the most important; without the physiological processes derived form it we would not survive.

The IFPA Functional Anatomy Specialist Course explores how versatile the human body is. The movement of our body’s is among the most important; without the physiological processes derived from it, we would not survive. While it is highly important to our survival, it also something to improve upon, and show the results via athleticism and/or art. This certification will show you the anatomical, kinesiological, and biomechanical aspects involved, and explore the potential within the body.


  • Learn how to incorporate concepts into practice.
  • Learn how to utilize terminology into practice
  • Learn proper terms and techniques to enhance performance
  • Learn how to customize for different sports


  • Know and understand the concepts presented in the book
  • Know the terms presented in the book
  • Know how to take concepts and build upon results
  • Know how to administer knowledge into practice


  • Understand the importance of definitions presented
  • Understand the definition and how to put into practice
  • Understand the theory for different sports
  • Understand the concepts during the life span of an individual


  1. Textbook
  2. Workbook
  3. 100 question (multiple choice, open book) certification exam.


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified highly recommended, but not required.


Please note: You have six months to complete this course, from the date of registration to your final exam. If you have not taken your final exam within that time, the course will be closed. A refund will not be provided.