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Medical Fitness Specialist

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The Medical Fitness Specialist Certification Program has been developed to provide IFPA Certified Personal Trainers with the knowledge, skills and abilities the will need to train the largest segment of society that suffers from a variety of disease, disability and dysfunction. Many Personal Trainers have adequate skills to train the “Normal” healthy market; those with no medical restrictions to exercise, but most are ill prepared to safely and effectively train people with a medical restriction to exercise programming.

The three greatest killers in our society today are: (1) Heart Disease, (2) Cancer, and (3) Diabetes.

Exercise Prescription is the single best Protocol for the treatment, care and prevention of these disorders and over 60 others that increase mortality and dramatically decrease functionality and enjoyment of life.

The Medical Fitness Specialist Certification Program can provide the knowledge needed for the Personal Trainer to not only “add years to their client’s life, but to add LIFE to their client’s YEARS!”

The program will provide the Medical Fitness Specialist Candidate with the knowledge, skills and abilities to safely and effectively utilize the IFPA Personal Training System, Phases, Protocols and all 12 IFPA Components of Fitness to effect healthy, positive changes in their clients.

In effect, it will provide effective treatments and protocols for the treatment, care and prevention of over 65 chronic disease and disabilities that commonly afflict our people.

The exercise prescriptions you learn in the Medical Fitness Specialist Certification Program will be a far more effective “CURE” than the drug prescriptions or surgeries currently employed. Chronic disease and disabilities are predominantly caused by:

(1) Lack of Exercise,

(2) Poor Nutrition/Diet,

(3) Poor Lifestyle Habits,

(4) Poor Stress Management,

(5) Lack of Adequate Sleep and

(6) Substance Abuse.

These factors cause the degeneration of one, more or ALL of the client’s physiological systems.

The Personal Trainer, MFS Certification Candidate, will learn to use the IFPA Personal Training System and Phases to build an exercise prescription and utilize Medical Fitness Specialist exercise management protocols to regenerate these physiological systems to return the client to health and vigor.


  • Learn the IFPA Personal Training System in regard to the treatment, care and prevention of 65 different diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions
  • Learn the relationship between the IFPA 12 Components of Fitness and disease, disability and dysfunction
  • Learn the 7 phases of the IFPA Personal Training System
  • Learn the best practices for the treatment, care and prevention of the most common overuse, athletic and sports medicine injuries sustained by clients
  • Learn all IFPA Safety Guidelines and how to watch your client carefully to insure no life threatening event occurs during training


  • Know the knowledge, skills and abilities to train clients with medical restriction to exercise due to disease, disability and dysfunction.
  • Know the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to work directly or indirectly with doctors for the health and medical improvements of the doctors’ patients presented with a wide variety of medical restriction to exercise.
  • Know how to train clients with a variety of muscle and/or joint dysfunctions, overuse injuries, athletic and/or sports medicine injuries
  • Know how to train a far greater percentage of the population, the estimated 92% of the population that does not exercise with sufficient frequency, intensity, time or type to derive medical and health benefits
  • Know the facts and myths of training special population groups


  • Understand exercise is medicine
  • Understand how maintain and enhance physical performance through exercise prescriptions and protocols.
  • Understand the different approaches to exercise and disease management
  • Understand how to manage exercise in personas with multiple chronic conditions
  • Understand how to diagnosis and treat sport-related injuries
  • Understand how to prevent sport-related injuries


  1. Personal Fitness Trainer Certification – Classic Package (closed book, multiple choice exam)
  2. Sports Nutrition Specialist (open book, multiple choice exam)
  3. Special Populations Trainer (open book, multiple choice exam)
  4. Sports Medicine Trainer (open book, multiple choice exam)


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified


Please note: You have six months to complete this course, from the date of registration to your final exam. If you have not taken your final exam within that time, the course will be closed. A refund will not be provided.