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Email: [email protected]

Address: Makati City, Philippines


Who Are We?


The IFPA Philippines is an extension of the International Fitness Professionals Association, IFPA, based in the USA and Renowned World-Wide as the most Practical Leader in Fitness, Health and Nutrition Education, Training and Certification. We offer only IFPA Certification Courses to make the Philippines healthier.


Why are we here?


The people of the Philippines are the hardest working on Earth, but they need Opportunity! The IFPA Philippines works hard to bring the best of opportunity to the people here, not just to learn the right way to perform in the fitness, health and sports nutrition industries, but to get our students Certified by the World-Renown IFPA, so they can seek lucrative employment anywhere in the World. IFPA Certified Trainers from the Philippines are in great demand to be employed by health clubs and gyms everywhere! The Middle East in particular has a great need for IFPA Certified Trainers, Fitness and Nutrition Professionals from the Philippines and is continuously asking to hire our Certified Graduates of our IFPA Certification Courses. Our graduates that decide to stay in the Philippines are quickly hired to help our people life longer, healthier and happier Lives!


What is our mission?


The IFPA Philippines Mission is to train the World’s Best and most dedicated Certified Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals so that they can get lucrative careers helping people live better and longer.


What do we do?


We over the best in World-Class Certification and Training Courses to help people build GREAT Careers helping other live longer, healthier and happier Lives!