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 Postural Correction

*6 CEU (Continuing Education Units)

E-Course: $119 

Printed book: $137 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 


The IFPA Postural Correction CEU Course goes over 30 postural conditions. They are among the more common varieties; and the course will direct you on how to handle each of them. Treatment and techniques will be the key points listed for each condition. The IFPA Postural Correction CEU Course is here to teach about the more common posture problems, along with how to treat them. From a simple massage and stretching, to more focused techniques, this course relays information on a multitude of correction methods. Aside from the in-session techniques, the course teaches how to aid clients between sessions through posture awareness and what parts of ones’ lifestyle may be affecting their posture.


  • Learn what postural correction is.
  • Learn how to use postural correction for all areas of the body.
  • Learn proper techniques for postural correction
  • Learn how to teach clients techniques they can do for postural correction


  • Know and understand postural correction anatomy
  • Know the pros and cons of postural correction
  • Know how to use postural correction effectively
  • Know how to administer the postural correction program


  • Understand the importance of postural correction for all ages
  • Understand the versatility of postural correction
  • Understand postural correction for different sports
  • Understand when to incorporate postural correction and how to minimize injury


  1. Textbook
  2. Study Guide
  3. 50 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified