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 Running Anatomy

*6 CEU (Continuing Education Units)

E-Course: $119 

Printed book: $137 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.) 


The IFPA Running Anatomy CEU Course brings 48 strength-based runner exercises. These exercises will help improve the core aspects of running form and fitness. The courses covers exercises, but also goes over the biological aspects that go into keeping the body healthy and limber. The IFPA Running Anatomy CEU Course tackles internal and external matters to help improve the athlete’s performance. Biological, anatomical, and physiological topics blend together so that the trainer and/or athlete can not only recognize what needs work or what limits they should stick to to avoid over-training. The strength exercises will help improve not only the muscles in an athlete, but also their pace. Along with the exercises, are multiple variable options to enhance the training experience and effectiveness.


  • Learn how to stretch properly for running.
  • Learn how to stretch all areas of the body in preparation of running
  • Learn proper techniques for running
  • Learn how to customize stretching for all types of athletes


  • Know and understand the running anatomy
  • Know the stretches needed for optimization of running
  • Know how to increase running ability
  • Know how to administer the program


  • Understand the importance of running all ages and genders
  • Understand the versatility of running
  • Understand running for different sports
  • Understand when to change up running and how to minimize injury


  1. Textbook
  2. Study Guide
  3. 50 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified