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Sports Conditioning Specialist: Hockey

 *12 CEU (Continuing Education Units)

E-Course: $239

Printed book: $259 (US shipping only. For international shipping please contact us.)


Sports and Sports Conditioning have gone through revolutionary improvements in training, tactics, strategies, methods, equipment, and technology over the past few decades. The focus now is to build better athletes with athletic components of fitness needed to excel at their sport. With a better, improved, more highly conditioned athlete to work with, coaches can now provide them the skills they need to Max perform and be better, stronger, faster, more powerful, and improved in every one of the 12 IFPA Components of Fitness they require to excel, to break records, and be greatly improved over every athlete that has competed in their sport that came before them.

If you want to develop the World's best Hockey Players, then you must become an expert in sports conditioning, and specifically, sports conditioning to meet the needs of your Hockey Players. This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to do just that. In this course you will learn specific exercises, position specific sports assessments, exercise prescriptions, program designs, and seasonal programs for Pre-Post-In-and Off-Season training to optimize your athlete's potential.

This course will cover the specific training programs for optimizing strength, speed(including acceleration), power, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, agility(including rapid changes of direction and quick reactions), balance, coordination(including movement efficacy), flexibility, body composition, symmetry(including injury prevention), and biochemical balance(including rest, recovery, and healthy adaptation).

This course will put you at the top of your game so you can get your athletes to the top of their game.



  • Understand the physical and athletic demands specific to Ice Hockey
  • Understand how to develop your Ice Hockey Players biochemical energy systems specific to the position on your Ice Hockey Team.
  • Understand how to utilize the latest technological developments related to Sports Conditioning for Ice Hockey
  • Understand how to develop the appropriate Pre-season, In-season, Post-season, and Off-season training programs for your Ice Hockey Team.
  • Understand how to conduct a detailed analysis of each of your Ice Hockey Player’s movement and conditioning needs.


  • Learn to optimize each of your Ice Hockey Players Movement Capacities, correcting weakness and maximizing their strengths.
  • Learn to train each of your players for optimal functional power for Ice Hockey.
  • Learn to train each of your players for optimal acceleration and speed for Ice Hockey.
  • Learn to train your players for highly effective changes of direction and reactivity that are both highly critical to achieving success in Ice Hockey
  • Learn position- specific guidelines to enable you to personalize all your training programs customized for each part of each season incorporating peaking and optimal recovery/adaptation.


  • Become highly proficient at assessing and monitoring the Ice Hockey Movement and fitness.
  • Become highly proficient at developing functional strength and transitioning that strength into functional power for Ice Hockey.
  • Become highly proficient at optimizing recovery, adaptation, and reducing injuries.
  • Become highly proficient at developing training plans and training program development.
  • Become highly proficient at developing all the components of fitness required for success in Ice Hockey.


  • Textbook
  • Study Guide
  • 60 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam & Essay


  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48 hours of purchase.


  • CPR/First Aid Certified (recommend, but not required)