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Sports Nutrition Specialist — Advanced


When you became a Sports Nutrition Specialist, you developed essential fundamentals to create nutrition prescription for your clients. Now that you have a solid foundation and comprehension of sports nutrition concepts, it’s time to push further and discover cutting edge strategies for optimal fueling and performance.

You mastered the fundamentals of nutrition in the Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification. The Book on Sports Nutrition was created to provide an understanding of sports nutrition concepts to help you find the best ways to understand and wade through the endless sea of information and the tremendous amount of misinformation concerning nutrition.

Now, dive into the science of nutrition to achieve the best possible performance for athletes in any sport. Athletes must be properly fueled with the correct nutrition prescriptions in order to operate at a peak performance level. Our Advanced Sports Nutrition Certification provides the optimal ratio of nutrients for all sports, including nutrition plans for athletes customized for their specific sport.

This certification also presents different factors that affect nutrition such as sex, age and traveling and shows the latest research on hydration, meal timing and maintaining overall energy balance throughout the day. Nutrition for athletic performance is a vital aspect of any training program for athletes. Separate fact from fiction and discover the truth of Sports Nutrition. Understand the fuel your body or your athlete’s body needs in order to have the most effective workouts, and ultimately achieve peak performance in competitions.


  • Learn how to assess the necessary energy intake for athletes
  • Learn when to eat for top performance
  • Learn how to implement a complete nutrition plan for athletes
  • Learn how to develop nutrition prescriptions while traveling
  • Learn customized nutrition plans for specific sports


  • Know the nutritional sources for athletes
  • Know the function of the energy substrate
  • Know how digestion and absorption affect nutrition
  • Know the importance of timing fluid intake
  • Know how body composition affects sports nutrition


  • Understand the importance of nutritional balance for athletes
  • Understand the factors that affect athlete’s nutritional needs
  • Understand the nutritional strategies for the different energy systems
  • Understand how to fine-tune food intake for optimal performance
  • Understand how to utilize sports nutrition for muscle recovery after athletic performance


  1. Textbook
  2. Work-Book
  3. 100 question (multiple choice, open book) certification exam


  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48hrs of purchase.


  1. Must be Sports Nutrition Specialist Certified
  2. CPR/First Aid Certified highly recommended, but not required.