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Thank You for visiting the IFPA website and for your interest in the Personal Fitness Training, Group Exercise, Sports Conditioning, Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition Professions. Whether you are a first time visitor or one of over 300,000 long-time Certified Personal Fitness Trainers and Instructors in the IFPA Team, you are always welcome here! Please take the time to explore our new site as we at the IFPA are constantly striving to bring our personal trainers and instructors the most current information for their fitness and health lifestyle needs.

Our site has been completely redesigned so browse around and give us your feedback. Thinking about becoming a personal fitness trainer? Head over to our Personal Fitness Trainer Certification page for more information about becoming IFPA Certified. Check out our wide selection of specialized Fitness Certification Courses like our Medical Fitness Specialist and take your business to the next level. Current IFPA Personal Trainers and Instructors can find forms, insurance information, jobs ops and more in the Resources area.

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We know you have questions regarding health and fitness. We receive your questions all the time! Now, ask Dr. Bell all of your fitness and health related questions directly.

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I am having a difficult time with program design when it comes to balancing intensity, volume, and frequency. I want to find a formula to effectively balance the volume of work done in a session so it is challenging and induces improvements, but not so taxing that clients are not able to work the same body parts or exercises two or three times per week effectively. Also, considering the increased frequency, I do not know how close to failure I should be prescribing sets before it becomes counterproductive. Thoughts?

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IFPA 2012 Fitness Award Winners

Each year the IFPA grants the following awards to deserving members who exemplify our mission and are committed to the health and fitness of their communities.

  • Personal Trainer of the Year
  • Group Fitness Instructor of the Year
  • Faculty of the Year
  • Fitness Facility Manager of the Year

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