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Food Addiction Tips

Food Addiction Tips Unhealthy Foods

Dear Dr. Bell, so many of my clients work extremely hard in the gym but they come up short of meeting their goals because of proper nutrition. It is easy to make suggestions on proper nutrition but how do you address food addiction issues? What are some great alternatives for problem foods that would help my clients turn the corner?

Nutrition compliance is the biggest problem facing trainers dealing with weight-loss clients. You need a synergistic approach to solve this problem: 

-Psychologically, remind them that attaining their set goal at their set time, requires their adherence to both their exercise and nutrition program. If they cannot adhere to the program, they must readjust their goals and time frame to achieve their goal.

-Motivate them by having them post pictures of fitness models with the body they wish to achieve strategically in places throughout their home and office that they will see regularly...., especially on the Fridge or wherever they hide their favorite treats. It also helps to throw away all the junk foods in the house. By removing temptation from the home, they are putting friction between themselves and the bad behavior. Recommended they have their cheat meals, or foods out of the house, so they won't be tempted at the end of the day to gorge on junk in front of the tv.

-Nutritionally, you need to recommend a greater use of healthy herbs in their cooking to satisfy their palate. 

-Biochemically, sugar cravings result from low blood glucose levels(BGL). Diets high in Complex Carbohydrates keep BGL high for longer periods of time and prevent cravings. Consuming water also helps keep hunger at bay. 

-Night cravings are common. Consuming a glass of milk or orange juice will raise BGL within 20 minutes so having them drink a glass and then waiting 20 minutes should satisfy them.