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Should I Incorporate Small Group Personal Training Into My PT Business? fitquip

Dr.  Bell discusses the benefits of tapping into the small group personal training market and how to structure small group personal training workouts.

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Are There Any Benefits To Backward Running? fitquip

In this FitQuip, Dr. Bell discusses the benefits and risk factors to backwards running.

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Do I Have to Workout Everyday? fitquip

Dr. Bell weighs in on the popular question, "Do I have to work every day?" in his latest FitQuip!

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The Pillars of Anti-Aging and the FISM Program fitquip

The Pillars of Anti-Aging The Pillars of Anti-Aging and the Fellowship of Integrative Sports Medicine Program

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An Overview of Ozempic (Semaglutide) fitquip

The Ozempic, (Semaglutide) craze is going strong. Dr. Bell weighs in on this popular weight-loss drug and dives into the benefits and side effects of Ozempic. 

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Fruit - Friend or Foe? fitquip

Dr. Bell weighs the pros (nutrient-dense, often low calorie count) vs. the cons (high sugar content, sometimes higher calorie count) of fruits and if the old adage, "an apple a day, keeps the Doctor away," is still true today!

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Warning - Alert - Performance Enhancing Drugs fitquip

Warning - Alert - Performance Enhancing Drugs

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When is the best time to take vitamin/mineral supplements? fitquip

A simple question... unfortunately, not a simple answer. Dr. Bell explains the difference between water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and dives into what are the best times and just as important, METHODS to taking different vitamins,...

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