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Certifications, Courses and Continuing Education Units

IFPA Personal Trainer Certifications

IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer - Basic - This distance learning, self-study, Personal Trainer Certification Program, provides aspiring trainers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to train clients safely and effectively. Students, work their way through our online learning platform, at their own pace, on their own schedule, studying the chapter text, watching lesson videos, and taking practice quizzes as many times as needed. - $497.00 Learn More

IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer - Classic - Our Classic Personal Trainer Certification Package was designed to fit your learning style and pace, around your unique schedule. The course includes the same online learning platform as the Basic, along with special access to our Personal Trainer Certification Workshop Library. Before you register to take the exam, give yourself an authentic testing day experience with the practice exam. - $897.00 Learn More

IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer - Premium - Your personal student success coach is ready and waiting to guide you throughout the entire process of becoming a Personal Trainer! Are you ready to learn from the best? Get ready to meet Dr. Bell, who will give you a thorough review of the course, making sure you are not just ready for the exam, but also to prepare you, for your career during a 2 day live online seminar. - $1,497.00 Learn More


Individual Certifications

Adapted Physical Education and Sport Conditioning Specialist -   This certification was designed with a comprehensive look into health and fitness for sport and exercise on behalf of youth athletes with disabilities. $549 Learn More  

Advanced Personal Trainer Certification - Going through the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, you gained the solid foundation required to be an entry level personal trainer.   $599   Learn More

Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise - Becoming an IFPA Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise Specialist is ideal for those needing a deeper understanding of biomechanics from a qualitative perspective.   $549   Learn More

Dance Kinesiology Specialist - The Dance Kinesiology Specialist focuses on Dance Movement, providing key anatomical and kinesiological disciplines, as well as practical exercises, for developing Dancers to their full potential.   $549   Learn More

Exercise Endocrinologist Specialist - The Exercise Endocrinology Specialist provides a comprehensive examination of the connections between exercise, hormone function, and health.   $549   Learn More

Fit for Duty - Your calling requires you to have a far superior fitness level than a typical civilian.   $449   Learn More

Fitness Facility Manager - The IFPA Fitness Facility Manager Certification is designed to bring professional business management principals to our industry. This course will also provide the essential operational guidelines that are so critical for the success of your fitness business.   $549   Learn More

Flexibility Specialist - The Flexibility Specialist gives you the tools to greatly increase and achieve excellent range of motion (ROM).   $449   Learn More

Functional Anatomy Specialist - This certification will show you the anatomical, kinesiological, and bio-mechanical aspects involved, and explore the potential within the body.   $549   Learn More

Functional Trainer Specialist -   The Functional Trainer Specialist Certification is designed to teach the essential knowledge and skills required to train clients in a functionally specific manner. $549   Learn More

Group Fitness Certification - Advanced - The Advanced Group Fitness Instructor Certification provides trainers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to lead dynamic group exercises classes safely and effectively!   $499   Coming Soon

Group Fitness Certification - The IFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification is designed to teach the essential foundation for leading group fitness classes   $449     Coming Soon  

High Intensity Training Certification - The latest research proves that High Intensity Training, H.I.T., is not only among the fastest ways to reach your fitness, health, and weight loss goals; H.I.T. is also among the safest ways to your fitness goals.   $499   Learn More

IFPA Indoor Cycling Instructor Course - This IFPA Indoor Cycling Instructor Course is developed to teach the Instructor the knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need to teach Indoor Cycling Classes in the safest and most effective way possible.   $449   Learn More

Kettlebell Training Specialist - The Kettlebell Training Specialist provides trainers with exercise prescriptions for all levels. This certification is designed to reach your clients strength, toning, and fat loss goals.   $449   Learn More

Kinesiology Specialist - The Kinesiology Specialist provides trainers with an introduction to the field of kinesiology, while providing a great deal of attention to the phenomenon of physical activity.   $449   Learn More

Kinetic Anatomy Specialist - The Kinetic Anatomy Specialist not only discusses the basic concepts of anatomy, it also lays the foundation for students to learn how anatomy affects movement of the human body.   $549   Learn More

Lifestyle Fitness Coach - The Lifestyle Fitness Coach Level I combines the personal training skills of exercise management with lifestyle coaching skills of counselling, communicating, motivating and educating in order to develop the effective dialogues that are critical to influencing more people to begin and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.   $499   Learn More

Lifestyle Fitness Coach Recreation Leisure Specialist - The Lifestyle Fitness Coach: Recreation & Leisure Specialist introduces students to the foundational history, philosophy, and understanding of the field in relation to the individual and society.   $499   Learn More

Low Back Disorder Specialist - The Low Back Disorder Specialist separates the fact from myth, and offers preventative approaches and strategies to offset injuries, reduce pain and restore function. This program gives trainers exercise prescriptions, program design and therapeutic exercises that were specifically designed to help you determine the cause of back troubles in your clients.   $549   Learn More

Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification - The Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification provides a comprehensive coverage of the complex relationship between human physiology and exercise in a practical, easy to understand, and engaging manner.   $749   Learn More

Master Personal Fitness Trainer Certification - Track - The personal training courses contained in this certification will provide you with a more in-depth study of exercise training, optimizing physical performance in sports, and overall physical activity for general health and fitness.   $1,949   Learn More

Medical Fitness Specialist - The Medical Fitness Specialist Certification Program has been developed to provide IFPA Certified Personal Trainers with the knowledge, skills and abilities the will need to train the largest segment of society that suffers from a variety of disease, disability and dysfunction.   $1,849   Learn More

Pilates Instructor - The Pilates Instructor contains more than 200 exercises and more than 50 variations. This certification will improve your balance, concentration, coordination, posture, muscle tone, core strength and flexibility.   $499   Learn More

Re-Test Certification Fee - What happens if you don't pass your certification exam? Don't worry, you can retake the exam for a fee of $99.   Learn More

Senior Fitness Specialist - This revolutionary program provides the training techniques and safety guidelines that can be applied to all senior fitness training programs.   $549   Learn More

Special Populations Trainer - The Special Populations Trainer will provide Personal Trainers will the precise knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in order to safely and effectively train individuals with cardiovascular diseases; pulmonary diseases; metabolic diseases; immunological and hematological disorders; orthopedic diseases and disabilities; neuromuscular disorders; and cognitive, psychological and sensory disorders.   $549   Learn More

Sport Management Specialist - This certification provides information on the increasing globalization of the sports industry, giving trainers an understanding of the similarities and differences in sport management practices and applications around the world.   $599   Learn More

Sports Medicine Trainer - This Sports Medicine Certification is an indispensable learning experience that will teach you how to prevent, analyze, understand and care for exercise, fitness, and sports related injuries.   $449   Coming Soon  

Sports Nutrition Specialist - Our Sports Nutrition Certification program is designed to provide sound, scientifically based understanding of sports nutrition and the recommendations established from modern concepts and research.   $449   Coming Soon  

Strength Ball Training Specialist - Advanced -   The Strength Ball Training Specialist Certification was designed for trainers to understand and maximize the use of Stability Ball and Medicine Ball training with their clients. Stability Ball training and Medicine ball training exercises are great tools for core training $449   Learn More

Strength Band Training Specialist - Advanced -   The Strength Band Training Specialist Certification has more than 160 different exercises, and numerous workouts that allow you to develop your client’s stability, strength and power. $449   Learn More

Strength Training Specialist -   Take your clients’ strength training routine to the next level. With the IFPA Strength Training Certification you will gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to help your clients gain more muscle mass, strength, and definition with proven training routines and nutritional guidelines. $499   Learn More

Tai Chi Instructor -   Our Tai Chi Instructor Certification provides valuable info for beginners, intermediates and advanced students and teachers. For those of you with little to no experience with Tai Chi, this certification will introduce you to the history of Tai Chi and give you a solid foundation of the underlying principles, while fine tuning your mind and body skills. For the intermediate and advanced, our Tai Chi Instructor will help you expand your knowledge of the internal arts. $499   Learn More

Yoga Instructor -   The Yoga Instructor Certification describes the knowledge, skills and abilities yoga instructors need in order to be competent and effective teachers. $499   Learn More

Youth Fitness Instructor -   The Youth Fitness Certification is designed to teach trainers the basic concepts and principles that are essential to developing safe and effective fitness training programs for children, teens and young adults. $499   Learn More


Continuing Education Units - Coming Soon


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